Use of cookies on the website

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text strings stored on your computer when you visit certain pages on the internet.

To order products on (“Website”), it is necessary for cookies to be enabled. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you can in any case browse the Website and use it for research purposes. In the majority of browsers, cookies are enabled. You can find information on changing the settings of cookies on your browser at the bottom of this document.

Cookies are not harmful to your device. The cookies that are generated do not store personal identification information, such as, for example, credit card details, but encrypted information collected by the same may be used to improve your experience on the website. For example, they are helpful for identifying and resolving errors or for determining relevant related products to show you whilst browsing.

This information is provided to ensure transparency on your privacy when you use the Website.

Cookies may perform different functions such as, for example, allow you to browse around the various pages efficiently, remembering your preferences, and, in general, they can improve your experience on the website.

FIRERA SRLS reserves the right to use cookies, with your consent where the applicable law or regulations require the same, to facilitate browsing on the Website and to customise the information that appears.

FIRERA SRLS also reserves the right to use similar systems to collect, if appropriate with your consent, information on users of the Website, such as IP address, type of internet browser and operating system used and/or web pages visited by you, for statistical or security purposes. FIRERA SRLS may collect this information to track the use of the Website and to improve certain aspects thereof.

Set out below is a brief illustration of how FIRERA SRLS uses cookies and similar tools.

First party cookies

First party cookies are set by the website visited by you, whose address appears in the URL window.

Third party cookies

Third party cookies are set by a domain different to that visited by you. If you visit a website and a different company sends information using that website by way of cookies, these are known as third party cookies.

FIRERA SRLS has no access or control over cookies, web beacons and other tracking technologies used on the websites of third parties that you may access from the Website. You are invited to read the privacy policy of the websites of third parties accessed via the Website, in order to learn more about the conditions applicable to personal data processing on those websites. FIRERA SRLS has no liability with respect to the websites of third parties and their cookies.

Session cookies

These cookies are stored temporarily and are deleted when you close the browsing window.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are stored on your device between browser sessions, allowing for your preferences and actions on the Website to be remembered. Those cookies may be used for different purposes, for example, to remember your preferences and choices made when you use the Website.

Technical cookies

  • a) Browsing cookiesThese cookies are essential for you to be able to move around the Website and use its features, such as, for example, to access the reserved areas. Without these cookies, the requested services cannot be provided, such as the purchase basket or e-billing.The strictly necessary cookies are used to memorise a unique identifier in order to manage and identify you as unique compared to other users who are visiting the website at that time, so as to provide you with a coherent and precise service.Some examples include:
    • Memory of previous actions (for example, entered text) when navigating back to a page in the same session;
    • Management and transfer of security tokens to different services within an internet website to identify the status of the visitor (for example, registered or unregistered);
    • Maintenance of tokens for the implementation of reserved areas of the website;
    • Routing of customers towards specific versions/applications of a service, as may be necessary during technical migration.
  • b) Functional cookiesThese cookies may have a session or persistent duration. These cookies usually result from an action by you, but they may also be implemented in the supply of a service not explicitly requested but offered to you. They may also be used to avoid offering once again to a given user a service that has previously been offered and refused. In addition, these cookies allow websites to remember your choices (such as username, language, country of origin, etc…). The information collected by these cookies is anonymous and may track your behaviour on other websites.Some examples include:
    • Remember the settings that you have applied to an internet website, such as layout, font size, preferences, colour, etc.;
    • Remember a choice so that you are no longer requested to fill in a questionnaire;
    • Identify if a service has already been offered, such as the offer of a tutorial for later visits to the internet website;
    • Provide information so as to allow for the functioning of an optional service such as the offer of a live chat session;
    • Fulfil a request of the user such as the presentation of a comment.
    Your prior consent is not required for the use of these cookies.
    You may, however, block the installation of technical cookies, or subsequently delete the same. In that case, however, the possibility of accessing the Website, using the same in whole or in part, enabling or disabling certain functions or receiving certain services may be entirely or partially compromised.

Performance cookies or analytic cookies

These cookies may be session or persistent. Their use is limited to the performance and improvement of the internet website. These cookies collect information on how you use the website, such as the pages visited. These cookies do not collect information that can identify you. All information collected by these cookies is aggregated into anonymous form and is used only to improve the functions of the website.

Some examples include:

  • Web Analytics, the data collected is limited only to use of the internet website by the operator, to manage the performance and structure of the website. These cookies may be third party cookies, but the information will be used exclusively by those dealing with the publication of the visited internet website;
  • Error handling – measurement of errors that occur on the website, usually this function will support the improvement of the service or the handling of complaints and will, generally, be strictly linked to web analytics;
  • Test different structures of the website pages – Tests on variations of the structure, usually using A/B or multivariable tests, to ensure that a coherent appearance is maintained for current and subsequent sessions for the website user.

Your prior consent is not required for the use of these cookies.
You are free to block the installation of analytics cookies at any time, without compromising in any way your possibility of visiting the Website and using its contents.

Profiling cookies

These cookies are aimed at creating profiles relating to you and they are used in order to send advertising messages in line with your preferences shown when browsing on the internet.
Your prior consent is required for the installation of those cookies. For this reason, when you access particular sections of the Website that install this type of cookies, a specific banner is displayed, which informs you that such section of the Website uses profiling cookies and that, by closing the banner, scrolling the page or clicking on any element of the page outside the banner, you consent to the use of cookies. If you express your consent to the installation of cookies in this manner, a trace will be kept of your consent by way of a specific technical cookie. You thereby avoid having to see the banner on cookies during subsequent visits to the sections of the Website. If you delete this technical cookie from your browser by the methods set out below, the trace of your consent will be lost and during your subsequent visit to the sections of the Website, the banner on cookies will therefore be displayed again.
You are free to block the installation of profiling cookies at any time, without compromising in any way your possibility of visiting the Website and using its contents. If you decide to deactivate behavioural advertising, this does not mean that you will not receive any more advertising on the Website. However, the banners that you will see on the Website may not reflect your interests or your preferences on the browser you are currently using.

Social cookies

These third party cookies allow you to interact with the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc…) and allow you to share the contents of the website via social networks.
Your prior consent is required to use these cookies. You are free to block the installation of social cookies at any time, without compromising in any way your possibility of visiting the Website and using its contents. If you decide to deactivate social cookies, you can no longer share the contents of the Website via the social networks.

How can cookies be disabled?

The majority of browsers accept cookies automatically but you can also choose not to accept them. We recommend that you do not disable this function, as this could prevent you moving freely from one page to the other and using all features of the Website.
If you do not want your computer to receive and store cookies, you can change the security settings on your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari etc.). However, certain parts of the Website may only be fully used if your browser accepts cookies; otherwise, you will not be able to add products to the basket and to purchase them (for example). As a result, your decision to remove and not to accept cookies may negatively affect your experience on the Website.
If you wish to change the settings for cookies, you need to go into the settings of the various browsers. Below are some brief instructions on how to perform this operation in the four most popular browsers:
Microsoft Internet Explorer: Click the ‘Tools’ icon in the top right corner and select ‘Internet options’. In the pop-up window, select ‘Privacy’. You can adjust the settings of your cookies here.
Google Chrome: Click the wrench in the top right corner and select ‘Settings’. At this point choose ‘Show advanced settings’ (“Under the hood’”) and change the ‘Privacy’ settings.
Mozilla Firefox: From the dropdown menu at the top left corner, select ‘Options’. In the pop-up window, choose ‘Privacy’. You can adjust your cookie settings here.
Safari: From the dropdown settings menu in the top right corner, choose ‘Preferences’. Select ‘Security’ and you can adjust your cookie settings here.
To find out more on cookies and how to manage or disable those of third parties or marketing/retargeting cookies, please visit, and To disable analytics cookies and to prevent Google Analytics from collecting browsing data, you can download the additional browser component for deactivating Google Analytics:

For any further information on privacy as referred to in Article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 Personal Data Protection Code, please consult the Website’s privacy policy

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