FIRERA is an Italian watch and jewelery brand. Its foundation takes place in 2020 thanks to the enthusiasm and desire of our founder Corrado Firera to offer something of his own not only to his fans but also to those who like them appreciate the design of its accessories.

The FIRERA watch design is minimalist and elegant, always in line with current trends. Attention to detail is the philosophy of our brand which makes it a recognizable element of our collection.

The FIRERA watch straps are fashionable and current, available in genuine leather or refined stainless steel, resistant and long lasting. NATO straps also available, represent an alternative for all young people who want to be cool by owning a trendy and colorful but at the same time cheaper watch.

All FIRERA watches are made of quartz and accompanied by a high precision Japanese movement that makes time reading safe and reliable.

In addition, all the timepieces of our brand are water resistant and made with refined and quality materials, then designed to be durable over time.

We trust deeply in the values of the classic watchmaking tradition but at the same time we look to the future with the design of our watches which we can therefore define as timeless.

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